I thought it would be an interesting exercise to visit the Science Museum in South Kensington, take my iPad and do some live tweeting of the objects I see. Not only will it give me a chance to look more closely at some of the objects I could use in my research, but it will also test out to see if anyone's followng what I do - or even interested! I suppose, really, it's just another excuse to have a fun day at a museum all in the name of planning for my research.

If you do want to follow my journey on Thursday morning, then I'll be using the hashtag 'mymusuemvisit' (all one word as in the blog title).
Science Museum, South Kensington
I now have my Tumblr link up and running. Several failed attempts to use the Tumblr's 'share' buttons later and I hit upon the novel idea of just using the URL of the blog. Hmm, I wonder if anyone's ever thought of doing that before!
At last my website up and running. Not quite with all the content I would like at the moment, but getting there slowly. The next thing is get my Tumblr site going properly so I can use it as part of my research. Just tested the website survey, though, and that works a treat!.

Music is going quite well, though. 'Lament' for flute and piano is almost ready to be postedand an arrangement of Grieg's Holberg Suite for flute choir is almost ready as well.
...and I've worked out a way of collecting data for my research. Hooray for iPad and Filemaker.